Mediumweight Seventeen Eighty Three Tartans

Inspired by the history of The House of Edgar and iconic colours of Scotland’s landscape, the Seventeen Eighty Three collection captures place and time beautifully – pulling from tradition while looking to the future. Woven from 100% pure new wool and available in 28 new designs and one very special recreation of the Glen Affric tartan.


(EU ONLY) – All products marked with a ** and exported to the EU WILL be subject to a duty (8% on fabric, 12% on garments) due to regulations in the UK-EU TCA.

Fabric Details


100% Pure New Wool



Approx Weight

13-14oz (291gms)




Varies per tartan

After Care

Dry Clean Only


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Two centuries of the finest tartans...and counting…

Two Centuries of the finest tartans and counting… The passage of time and the place we call home are at the very heart of the Seventeen Eighty Three collection. We looked back at The House of Edgar’s long history of quality production and excellence in design, in order to move tartan forward once again. Each tartan holds a special tale—some taking inspiration from moments in history with stories that have endured through time. Others capture a special place that stirs the imagination. Each has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate the tradition of tartan, while looking forward to an exciting future for Scotland’s iconic cloth. There is also one tartan with an extra special story…Glen Affric. A Unique Survivor—Preserved in Peat Discovered in the peaty soil of Glen Affric during forestry work in the 1980s, this pattern harkens back to a time before clan tartans.  The Scottish Tartans Authority (STA) commissioned scientific dye analysis and carbon dating of the historic specimen prior to its first public display at Tartan by V&A Dundee in April 2023.  The results confirm a 16th century provenance, placing the tartan in the reign of James V, Mary Queen of Scots or James VI.  The reconstruction of the peat-stained cloth by the STA is based on the red, yellow, green and brown shades identified as part of the testing process.

The Scottish Tartans Authority

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