Bespoke Tartan Design


At The House of Edgar, we exclusively work business to business. We can work closely with your company to create a specially designed, unique tartan. The very nature of tartan offers infinite design possibilities for a whole host or reasons.



Bespoke Tartan Design

Our Services

Aided by the most advanced computer technology, our design team is able to transpose the most basic of ideas into fully formed images that allow our customers to see a new tartan as it would be worn. If not quite right, the team is able to tweak and adjust, until complete satisfaction is achieved.

We can register a tartan on your team’s behalf. The Scottish Tartan Register fees will be charged with a small administration fee. You are welcome to register the tartan yourself. If so, we will partially complete the forms for you with the relevant technical information free of charge.

Copyright of any tartan designed remains with us. If your business or customer wishes copyright to be assigned to them, a charge will apply.

Because of the weaving processes, it is often impossible to weave the exact finished length ordered. To achieve the minimum length ordered, it may be necessary to produce up to 15% more and the customer must be prepared to accept such additional quantity at the same price.

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