The House of Edgar Proudly Weave Slanj Kilts Homeless Tartan

July 10, 2020

The ‘Homeless Tartan’, designed by Brian Halley of Slanj Kilts, has recently gained publicity with the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, wearing a specially designed face mask featuring this new iconic Homeless tartan during a public visit in Edinburgh. After the First Minister shared it on social media, Slanj have since been inundated with enquiries for the tartan face mask. This is good news for the homelessness charity, Shelter Scotland as Slanj are kindly making a 20% donation from each sale made.

When The House of Edgar was approached to weave this tartan we were proud to work alongside Slanj and be involved in producing the stylish tartan. The video, which can be viewed on our Facebook  or Instagram pages, shows the process of the Homeless Tartan being manufactured through the warping and weaving stages at our factory in Keith, Scotland. Our skilled workers have vast experience in both traditional and bespoke manufacturing techniques to provide our customers with the highest quality fabrics.

The Homeless Tartan mask is available on the Slanj website here