The House of Edgar Produces Tartan for Scottish Eurovision Choir

August 1, 2019

The House of Edgar are proud to have specially produced the ‘Euro Alba’ tartan for the choir group ‘Alba’ as they look to debut in the Eurovision Choir 2019.

The specially commissioned tartan consists of colours which related to the culture and diversity of Scotland. There is a base shade of blue with purple, ruby reds and splashes of orange to create a contemporary twist.

The competition takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden where the tartan will be worn by the male members of the choir. The choir of 33 will perform a Gaelic song, arranged specially by Sìleas Sinclair and will compete live against ten other countries. A full documentary following the choir’s progress can be seen on BBC Alba from 8:30PM and the live show will be airing August 3rd on BBC Alba at 7:30PM.