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Tartan Design Service

If you are looking to have your own tartan designed you have come to the right place. Should you be interested in purchasing and designing your own tartan you should request a copy of our tartan design form. On completion and return of the form, our Designers will design a tartan against your brief. A design fee of £500 + VAT will be charged for Dobby Design Work, or £750 + VAT for Jacquard Design Work. However, this will be credited on receipt of a minimum order for 15 metres mediumweight, heavyweight or lightweight special weave within four weeks of acceptance of the design. If specially dyed yarns are required additional costs will apply and the minimum order will be one piece (approx 65 metres mediumweight, 50 metres heavyweight or 65 metres lightweight).
Tartan Design Service
Copyright of any tartan designed remains with us. If the customer wishes copyright to be assigned to them, a charge of £500 + VAT will apply.

We can register a tartan on a customer's behalf. In this case, the Scottish Tartan Authority's and the Scottish Tartan Society's fees (available on enquiry) will be charged at cost, with an administration charge of £100 + VAT. If the customer wishes to register the tartan themselves, we will partially complete the forms for you with the relevant technical information free of charge.

Because of the weaving processes, it is often impossible to weave the exact finished length ordered. To achieve the minimum length ordered, it may be necessary to produce up to 15% more and the customer must be prepared to such additional quality at the same price.

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